Forum Topic - Warning on dr gautam allahbadia at ivf rotunda surrogacy....

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Jan 07 2013 05:43 AM


Subject: Warning on dr gautam allahbadia at ivf rotunda surrogacy....

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 My dreams are shattered, rotunda and dr gautam allahbadia are a scam operation Honestly, I dont know what to make of the whole experience I was extremely disapointed and heartbroken with Rotunda. I am a healthy man who went in for a gestational surrogacy (my sperm, with healthy egg donor and healthy surrogate) and was told at the beginning that if the process was unsuccessful, that I would have the opportunity to try again for a small fee. The fine print that they did not share was that if I reached a certain number of weeks and the baby had an independent heartbeat, that I would recieve almost NO discount on a second try if the pregnancy was unsuccessful. They made sure they had FULL payment before that date arrived and then announced that the pregnancy was failed and would have to be aborted for the safety of the mother (surrogate). I had spent $25K, and I was offered no refund and an 8% discount on a second try and was charged $1,200 for the pregnancy termination. I did not have another $23,000 so I walked away extremely upset and burned. I asked about a shared egg harvest on a second try hoping it would be cheaper, and was told there was no discount for that and that is what I

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