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Procedure: Hair loss Consultation
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Jun 29 2021 04:08 AM

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Subject: Best Hair fall Doctor in Delhi

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 Growth factor is considered to be a promising solution for curing one of the most challenging problems, i.e, hair loss. It is the best natural therapy to restore lost hair volume and thinning of hair. The growth factors are extracted from the patient’s own blood and then injected deep into the scalp to reach the bottom of the hair follicle and assist in wound healing and tissue regrowth. The procedure of obtaining growth factors rich p-la-sm-a involves the drawing of blood from the patient arm and centrifugation. After centrifugation, the growth factor-rich layer rises to the top, and it is collected and then injected into areas of hair loss across the scalp. The treatment involves three sessions followed by maintenance sessions to keep up the results. This treatment is considered safe, and there is no risk of allergic reaction as the patient’s own growth factors are used to cure hair loss.

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