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Procedure: Dermatological Consultation
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Apr 06 2021 05:36 AM

Author: Shikha A

Subject: Vitiligo Treatment in Ludhiana | White Patches on Skin

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 The condition where the loss of melanin pigment occurs from the skin due to melanocytes malfunctioning is called vitiligo. It is mainly the result of autoimmune response and exposure to the sun, and adverse effects from drugs may worsen the condition. All possible treatments to improve the skin condition and revive melanocytes’ functions are available at Bliss Laser Skin Clinic. Dr. Shikha Aggarwal thoroughly examines the medical history of the patient and suggests antibiotics and immune suppressors accordingly. Besides recommending the appropriate diet and corticosteroid ointments, light therapy is also possible in some initial cases. Melanin production is restored in cells where vitiligo has not advanced yet by bombarding the affected area with photon to stimulate the growth factors for melanin production. To get the best Vitiligo Treatment Cost in Ludhiana, visit Bliss Laser Skin Clinic.
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